How would it feel to be an inspiring, confident and compassionate yoga teacher?

Imagine teaching inspiring yoga classes where you get to share your love of yoga while making extra money.

But right now you might be feeling stuck in your yoga practice and you’re ready to dive deeper but unsure of the next-step.

You’ve been doing yoga for a while and now you’re itching to learn more and share with others the many ways yoga has helped you but you don’t think you’re confident enough to teach yoga.


Becoming a yoga teacher is the natural next step when yoga has changed your life. It’s normal to be nervous and unsure about teaching. Teaching is a skill you can learn and I can teach you.

That’s why I created this 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. I have many students like you that I know are ready for this next-step in their journey but lack the skills and confidence for teaching. I’m here to teach you how to be the inspiring, confident and compassionate yoga teacher you want to be so that you can share yoga with others and be successful in doing so. This teacher training is focused on teaching you to embody proper yet compassionate alignment and the teachings of yoga in your personal practice. You would then be able to confidently teach and be helpful to others. The intention of the training is twofold: Module 1 of the training is designed to bridge the gap for the student that wants to know more about yoga but doesn’t necessarily want to be a teacher. This module will also lay a strong foundation for future teachers. Module 2 is specifically designed to offer detailed instruction to fully prepare students for becoming a helpful and inspiring yoga teacher. If you are prepared to explore, move, sweat, engage and be inspired, this training is for you!

This training is  for you if
You have at least one year of committed yoga practice
You are inspired to share yoga with others.
You are ready to dive deep into asana, philosophy, meditation and more!
You can commit to working on homework outside of the training

This training is not for you if:
You are overcommitted as it is and will not be able to commit to the schedule and at least 5 hours a week of homework.
You are a beginner yogi.
You have never taken a yoga class with me. (Please come take a class with me! Check my schedule here!)

Samantha Harrison Yoga’s 200 hour program gives you the fundamental instruction you need to begin teaching competently, effectively, and to a range of individuals. The program focuses on providing future yoga teachers with safe, alignment based teaching practices that work for a range of body types and bone structures, breaking down poses into individual actions to teach beginners, and cultivating a strong personal yoga practice that is not only physical, but mental, spiritual, and emotional and prepares you for yoga out in the “real world” and not just yoga on the mat or in the studio. The program also has a strong focus on practice teaching by having students start practice teaching after the first weekend enabling teachers to graduate with more teaching experience and a higher comfort level with teaching and learning to truly teach with your words first (versus demonstrating or assisting)

Lindsay Cortright

Samantha Harrison Yoga’s 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training 8 week

September 2017-May 2018 Fridays: 6-9 PM; Saturdays: 9-5 PM; Sundays 8-4 PM

LOCATION: YogiVibes in Greenville, NC

EARLY BIRD TUITION $2,700 DEADLINE: Paid in full by June 1st, 2017 (Includes your application fee + deposit*)
STANDARD TUITION $2,800 Must be paid in full prior to program start date. (Includes your application fee + deposit*)
PAYMENT PLAN $3,000 which can be broken into 8 monthly payments; Application fee + deposit ($350 total) + 8 payments of $332 = $3000 total
*Application Fee- $100 – This fee is refundable if you are not accepted but if you are accepted it will go toward your tuition *Non-refundable Deposit- $250 – Once you are accepted, you will be asked to put down a deposit to hold your spot until you make the full payment. This payment goes toward your tuition as well.
ARE YOU READY? APPLY HERE **The full program is limited to 12 students** The full 200-hour program includes both Module 1 & Module 2


If you do not want to be a yoga teacher but you do want to learn more about yoga philosophy, asana, meditation and anatomy, module 1 is perfect for you.

You can take this module alone without taking the full teacher training.

Weekend 1: September 22nd-24th Yoga Foundations + Anatomy Introduction We will spend our first weekend together refining the alignment of foundational yoga poses while beginning to learn anatomy and yoga philosophy. Weekend 2: October 13th-15th  Restorative Yoga, Pranayama + Ayurveda During this weekend you will learn and practice restorative yoga, pranayama, Ayurveda and how to use props effectively. We will also dive into more anatomy and philosophy. Weekend 3: November 3rd-5th Going Upside-Down & Inside-Out This weekend’s focus is about advancing your practice with inversions, arm balances, backbends and advanced transitions. You will learn about meditation, common myths and how to incorporate meditation into your everyday life. Weekend 4: December 1st -3rd Developing a Home Practice & Self-Care This weekend’s focus will be about taking what you’ve learned and developing a home practice. We’ll also talk a lot about how to use ayurvedic techniques, meditation and your yoga practice for your own self-care.

EARLY BIRD TUITION $1,300 DEADLINE: June 1st, 2017
STANDARD TUITION $1,400 which can be broken into 4 payments; $200 deposit + 4 payments of $300
**No application fee is required if you’re only taking Module 1. **Deposit is only required if you if you are doing the payment plan


In this module is where you will learn how to confidently teach yoga, meditation, pranayama and various populations. You will learn sequencing, assisting, Sanskrit, the business of yoga and more. Weekend 5: January 19th-21st, 2018 Discovering Your Role as Teacher We will spend this weekend discussing the role of the teacher and discovering your “why” as a yoga teacher. We will also spend time learning more anatomy, smart alignment instructions and teaching beginners. Weekend 6: February 23rd-25th Yin Yoga & Special Populations During this weekend you will learn a lot about yin yoga and teaching to special populations such as corporate yoga, prenatal yoga, chair yoga and yoga for athletes. Weekend 7: March 16th-18th Smart Sequencing This weekend will focus on all things regarding class sequencing. You will learn how to place poses in a special way so that you can “connect the dots” for your students to learn and embody the concepts of yoga. Weekend 8: April 13th-15th Getting Down To Business During this weekend you will learn everything you need to know to go out and start making a living teaching yoga. We will talk about liability insurance, continuing education, pricing, private yoga, and how to land your first gig as a yoga teacher. Weekend 8: May 18th-20th Advanced Sequencing + Celebration In our last weekend together you will learn how to sequence an intermediate yoga class, teach meditation and then you will get to practice teaching in front of the group. (don’t be nervous, you’ll be fine) We will spend the last couple of hours with a graduation celebration and partner yoga!


which can be broken into 3 payments of $360

Training Lecture

Restorative Yoga

Inversion Fun!

Sometimes we get to go outside!

If you go through Module 1 by itself and then decide you want to teach, you will be able to sign up for Module 2.

What are the biggest things you feel you’ve gained from your training?

Sharing space and conversation with others interested in yoga and spiritual growth has been huge. Also learning how yoga benefits the body and mind- specifically the body-mind connection and learning to be open not only to new possibilities, but also that the possible “right” ways of movement depend on each person’s unique structure

– Haley Sullivan, Yoga Teacher Trainee & Massage Therapist


Hi, I’m Samantha!

I’ve spent the past three years successfully teaching yoga full-time in a variety of settings. I spend most of my time teaching yoga to busy-professionals in the corporate world and teaching privates. In my corporate yoga business, I’ve mentored and developed other teachers to work for me as well and have honed my skills in teaching other teachers which is how this teacher training program emerged. APPLY  NOW!


What happens once I submit my application?
Once you submit your application, I will review it and contact you within 72 hours to set-up a time to meet 1×1. During our meeting we will together decide if the program is right for you. If we decide it is right for you, you will then put down your $250 to hold your spot and I will send you your book list and assignments to do before our first weekend together! If we decide the program is not right for you at this time I will refund your application fee.
Will you, Samantha, be teaching all of the training or will there be other teachers?
I will personally be teaching 95% of your training. We will a have a guest speakers for Chair Yoga and Kids Yoga.
What happens if I miss a day or weekend of the training?
I hope that you don’t miss any of our valuable time together but just in case, we have a make-up policy. For every three hours of training you miss you are required to have one 60-minute private with me. Your first private make-up session will be given at a reduced rate of $50 but after that it will cost $70 for each make-up session. You can only miss 15 hours of training but you really don’t want to do that! 
What happens if I sign-up for the training and then realize I can’t commit to the program?
I know life can get unexpectedly crazy sometimes so I have created a cancellation policy for you. If you cancel prior to the first weekend you will get a full refund minus the cancellation fee of $250 and your non-refundable deposit.   If you attend the training the first weekend and discover the program is not for you, you will get a refund minus the cancellation fee, deposit and the cost of the weekend you attended.   No refunds will be available after the second training weekend. If something happens after the second training weekend that you need to withdrawal, you will need to speak with me immediately. I believe in having compassion and respect for others so I will work with you but this will be a case-by-case decision that will be made when necessary.
How much time should I expect to spend on this program outside of our training hours?
You can expect to spend 5-10 hours a week working on various assignments such as reading, watching anatomy videos, observing classes, and planning class sequences.
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