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Reviews from my wonderful students

I have taken private and group yoga classes taught by Samantha for several years. Samantha is not only compassionate and knowledgeable, but is also easy to understand and always positive in her teaching. In my experience she has always gone out of her way to ensure the success of her students and so I’m enthusiastic in recommending her to anyone interested learning more about the practice of yoga.

Charlene Peden

I was hesitant to work with Samantha one on one because of the expense however my form has changed more in a few months than it did in several years. The best thing about working with Samantha is that our routine for the day is tailored to my body and the amount of time spent on adjustments in a posture is of course more focused than in a class where the instructor has to work with several people with all different needs. If you work with Samantha privately, your yoga practice will improve quickly. You will get stronger and more flexible, as well as improve your balance much more quickly than in group work.


Initially I was hesitant to start working one on one with Samantha because of time and cost. However, I loved Samantha’s group classes and already felt pulled to work with her 1×1 but I also had a couple of friends recommend her and they made me feel comfortable making the decision. It’s been really meaningful to be able to bring a focus to my own practice and go beyond just group classes. The most important thing you should know about working with Samantha is that she will challenge and encourage you. Samantha will move at a pace that is appropriate for your comfort and experience while also moving beyond just the physical movement and into more of a “feeling”.

Lindsay Price

I was worried that I wasn’t ready physically or mentally for Samantha’s Intermediate Workshop Series but I’ve learned that I was ready! I’ve also learned not to push myself so hard and that it’s ok to fall a lot. The structure of the class is great and the poses are broken down to make them easy to learn. I like the warm, casualness of our group and the laughing! I recommend this series to fellow intermediate students because it is a fun way to advance your practice. Don’t be afraid to try new things, Samantha will help you every step of the way.

Missy Golstein

Taking the Intermediate Workshop Series with Samantha was the next logical step for my practice, but I was initially a little nervous about working with a new group of people. With each class, my practice continued to grow in ways I never thought possible. When it comes to the sessions, everything was great, really. From the chat in the beginning of class, to the warm up that prepared us to break-down poses, to collaborating with our partners, the whole class is truly fantastic. It is well organized and provides a chill, social environment for yogis to bond and learn from one another. The most important thing to know about the series is you need to be willing to do work at home so that you can excel the studio. Practice, patience and diligence as I always say!

Alex Nolte

I was initially hesitant to join the series because of the price until I thought about all you actually get from it. The series has been a great way to progress a lot more than I would have progressed otherwise. Anyone thinking of joining the series should know Samantha expects you to work on your practice outside of class. She wants you to spend 10 minutes a day plus do a 30 minute video 3x a week which is good; just prepare your schedule. Overall, it’s been a wonderful series and I hope there will be more my schedule will allow me to take.

Tom Childers

Fantastic instructor! Knowledgeable, encouraging, positive, generous, kind, calming, and fun! Love everything about Samantha!

Janis Gallagher

Gives lots of variety in classes and has a great attitude!

Terry Quinn

I already have been recommending her to everyone. She is down to earth, friendly and knowledgeable in yoga.

Denise Woolard

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